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Guillem Aloy


Architect, Scholar ⌂ Based in Mallorca Frequently in Barcelona, sometimes in Brussels. [Full CV: futur.upc.edu]

● Trainee research staff in Theory and History of Architecture at ETSAB Barcelona School of Architecture. ● PhD candidate with the ongoing project: Theatre Architecture’s Atlas in Mallorca. Territory, Architecture and Performance Space that has been recognised with the City of Palma’s Research Award 2017 and the Institut d’Estudis Catalans’ Fellowship 2018. ● Member of the University Research Group: Observatory of Scenic Spaces and the European Project CANON Theatre Technical History. ● Collaborate at A2RC Architects. ● Lecturer with Antoni Ramon, Guillermo López and El Conde de Torrefiel at ETSAB Barcelona School of Architecture with the elective subject: Introduction to Scenography, 2020-... .

We will be part of the OISTAT Online World Congress | Global Community Exchange with an online lecture about Nicola Sabbatini treatise, on Oct 12th. I’m co-editor of a monograph for Pygmalion’s Journal of Instituto del Teatro de Madrid (ITEM) - Universidad Complutense de Madrid: Theatre and Architecture. Elective Affinities. I’m preparing a critical survey on Ca’n Lis (1971-1974) in Mallorca by Jørn Utzon; an article about The Ideological Dialectics of the Modern Movement: Karel Teige and Le Corbusier, 1920-1930; and a reconstruction of the installation Inestable by Enric Miralles for the CNAC - Le Magasin, Grenoble (1993); a translated, commented and illustrated edition of Pratica di fabricar scene e machine ne’ teatri by Nicola Sabbattini (1637) with CANON, and the article about the Cartografías teatrales: España. Ensayo de interpretación with OEE will be released soon at Ciudad y Territorio. Estudios Territoriales.

● Visiting Lecturer at ENSA Paris-Malaquais for the 2019 Spring Semester and Member of the Examination Committee of the Final Thesis 2019-2021. ● Visiting Lecturer at the Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin along the 2019 Fall Semester. ● Lecturer assistant of Antoni Ramon at ETSAB Barcelona School of Architecture on: Basis for Theory, 2020-2021 course. ● Lecturer with Aulets, Lars Holt and Rasmus Grønbæk at the Summer Workshop 2021 of the Aarhus School of Architecture at Can Lis, Mallorca. ● Co-director of the Architecture’s Summer School 2019: Henri Quillé, when attitudes become architecture. ● Lecture at the VIII Setmana d'arqutitectura i disseny Club Pollença on the 18th August 2021. ● Lecture in the Tbilisi Third International Biennale of Scenography On-line Symposium. Research and Pedagogy Session on the 28th October 2020. ● Lecture in the 27th German-Catalan Conference. Culture in Transition on the 18th September 2020 at the Technische Universität Chemnitz. ● Part of the round table organised by CIJIET in Valencia, October 2019. ● Released Articles: Drawing a Theatre Atlas of Spain in the EGA Expresión Gráfica Arquitectónicas quarterly journal, july 2020; Approaches to the Art Space from the Theatre, edited by Es Baluard at the beginning of 2019; Theatre and Architecture in Palma and a conversation with Helgard Haug of Rimini Protokoll in the Journal Estudis Escènics from the Institut del Teatre at the end of 2019.

September 2021