● IMAGE: Kiem Doin' Time by Hans Werlemann, Claudi Cornaz and Bob Visser

Guillem Aloy


Architect, Scholar Mallorca. [Full CV: futur.upc.edu]

● Trainee research staff in Theory and History of Architecture at ETSAB Barcelona School of Architecture. ● PhD candidate with the ongoing project: Theatre Architecture’s Atlas in Mallorca. Territory, Architecture and Performance Space that has been recognised with the City of Palma’s Research Award 2017 and the Institut d’Estudis Catalans’ Fellowship 2018. ● Member of the University Research Group: Observatory of Scenic Spaces and the European Project CANON Theatre Technical History.

I will be part of the final review of Pezo von Ellrichshausen‘s Aarhus Summer School on 19th August. I’m preparing a critical survey on Jørn Utzon, Mallorca (1971-2008), with Francisco Cifuentes and the suport of IEB; a translated, commented and illustrated edition of Pratica di fabricar scene e machine ne’ teatri by Nicola Sabbattini (1637) with CANON will be published the 2024 with Edizione Nazionale Muzio Clementi; and the article about The Ideological Dialectics of the Modern Movement: Karel Teige and Le Corbusier, 1920-1930, with César Saldaña and Antoni Ramon, will be released on 2022 on TEMPORÁNEA. Revista de Historia de la Arquitectura. I am member of the organizing and scientific committee of VII CIJIET-V MUTIS that will be held in Barcelona on November 8, 9, 10 and 11, 2022, in collaboration between the Institut del Teatre, the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.  

Co-curator of LOOP: a series of conferences and an exhibition about Architecture, Design and Circular Economy, May 25th to June 2nd 2022. ● Lecturer with Antoni Ramon, Guillermo López and El Conde de Torrefiel at ETSAB Barcelona School of Architecture with the elective subject: Introduction to Scenography, 2020-2022. ● Lecturer with Aulets at the Workshop: The inbetween. Architecture comes from the making of a room. Architecture comes from the joinning of materials at the Aarhus School of Architecture, from 28th March to 1st April 2022. ● Visiting Lecturer at ENSA Paris-Malaquais for the 2019 Spring Semester and Member of jury de soutenance des projets de fin d’étude (PFE) 2019-2022. ● Visiting Lecturer at the Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin along the 2019 Fall Semester. ● Lecturer assistant of Antoni Ramon at ETSAB Barcelona School of Architecture on: Basis for Theory, 2020-2021. ● Collaboration with ULTRAFICCIÓN nr. 4 / Working Class, a performative project of El Conde de Torrefiel with the students of the course of Introduction to Scenography of the ETSAB (together with Antoni Ramon, Guillermo López and Yaiza Ares) with a public performance on February 9 2022 at the Sâlmon Barcelona Live Arts Festival, at the Arts Santa Mònica in Barcelona. ● Lecturer with Aulets, Lars Holt and Rasmus Grønbæk at the Summer Workshop 2021 of the Aarhus School of Architecture at Can Lis, Mallorca. ● Co-director of the Architecture’s Summer School 2019: Henri Quillé, when attitudes become architecture. ● Lecture at the Escandinavia Symposium’s closing event togheter with F. Cifuentes: Jørn Utzon. Mallorca uncharted work?, 23th April 2022 at the Aarhus School of Archiecture, lecture at the VIII Setmana d'arqutitectura i disseny Club Pollença on the 18th August 2021 and at the OISTAT Online World Congress | Global Community Exchange on the 12th October 2021. ● Curator and editor of the publication, together with Ángel Álvarez, of: L'Arquitectura de Can Gabriel, l'Estudi de Damià Jaume i Sant Miquel 19, for a Open House Palma, 6th and 7th november 2021. ● Lecture in the Tbilisi Third International Biennale of Scenography On-line Symposium. Research and Pedagogy Session on the 28th October 2020 and Lecture in the 27th German-Catalan Conference. Culture in Transition on the 18th September 2020 at the Technische Universität Chemnitz. ● Part of the round table organised by CIJIET in Valencia, October 2019. ● Released Articles: Theatre cartographies in Spain: interpretation essay with OEE has been released at Ciudad y Territorio. Estudios Territoriales the spring of 2022; Drawing a Theatre Atlas of Spain in the EGA Expresión Gráfica Arquitectónicas quarterly journal, july 2020; Approaches to the Art Space from the Theatre, edited by Es Baluard at the beginning of 2019; Theatre and Architecture in Palma and a conversation with Helgard Haug of Rimini Protokoll in the Journal Estudis Escènics from the Institut del Teatre at the end of 2019. ● Co-editor of a monograph for Pygmalion’s Journal of Instituto del Teatro de Madrid (ITEM) - Universidad Complutense de Madrid: Theatre and Architecture. Elective Affinities, december 2021.


July 2022